Upcoming Events

Sunday, August 7th we began our Sunday evenings at 5pm for discipleship and 6 adult choir.  We also have two Sunday morning worship services – 8:45am and 11:00am.  Bible study at 10:45am.
  • December 7th – All regular activities/Dress Rehearsal for Adult and Children’s Choir 7:15pm
  • December 8th – 90 Plus Club lunch at FBC Fellowship Hall-Noon
  • December 11th – Adult Choir Christmas presentation both services/5pm Finger Food Fellowship
  • December 12th – OCC Team to Dallas, TX
  • December 14th – All regular activities
  • December 18th – All regular services/5pm Candlelight Service
  • December 21st – No Wednesday Services
  • December 25th – No Sunday School, 11:00 am service only/no pm services
  • December 28th – No Wednesday Services
  • January 1st – 11:00am services only and no pm service